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Broken Sword - The Director's Cut

FullAuto ( 1,042 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 17, 2009 at 06:26 PM


Sooo, this'll be the fourth or fifth time I've bought this game, once for PC, once for PlayStation, then again for PC in budget form, then again for PC in compilation form with Broken Sword 2...yep, fifth. No, sixth, I got the GBA release.

Still not as many times as X-Com though.

This time it's got new bits, so that justifies the purchase if any justifying were needed which it isnt.


Pete ( 700 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 18, 2009 at 07:56 AM


Sooo... did you buy the PC version more than once because of scratched/misplaced CD's?

That's my reaon for buying UFO: EU at least twice and TFTD about 3 times. I do have more versions of those because of Collector's Editions, but mostly it was down to not looking after my games

I vaguely recall Broken Sword as an extremely atmospheric adventure game that just seemed to go on forever (as most of those games do ). So how's it port to DS? Still great?

Aren't the Asgard supposedly technologically superior?


FullAuto ( 1,042 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 18, 2009 at 06:08 PM


Dunno yet, going to get the Wii version I think. This version has an additional subplot, so hopefully it's good (done by Revolution, who created the game, so no real worries there).

Yep, bought it, lost or lent the disc out, the PS version died due to severe scratching, lent the budget re-release out and lost the GBA cart, still got the budget compilation somewhere I think.


FullAuto ( 1,042 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 28, 2009 at 12:15 PM


This is actually quite good.

The original version kicks off in Paris, with you controlling George Stobbart as a cafe is bombed. This upsets G a bit, and he starts investigating.

In the director's cut, you start off as Nicole (Papa?), off to a meeting with an important personage, but unfortunately he gets whacked, which sucks her into investigating. It makes it feel like a new game, TBH, starting off with new content, which was probably the point.


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