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Notable Gigs.

FullAuto ( 1,042 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: April 15, 2006 at 11:44 AM


I'm going to be selfish and just list gigs that are close to me, seeing as there's dozens that I'd like to go to, but just can't afford the travel.

The Datsuns, playing the Sheffield Leadmill on the 25th of April. Gleefully ferocious rock (have a listen http://www.amaz...ce&n=5174).

The Zutons are fucking great, they're a fave of mine, playing at Sheffield Uni on the 4th of May. Possibly the most eclectic sound you will ever hear, though that doesn't really do them justice (also playing Leeds Uni on the 16th of May). New Album out on the 17th of April, too. (hear their first album here http://www.amaz...nce&n=5174)

The Streets play Leeds Uni on the 12th of May, should be cracking. Two albums later, is he still any good? The UK's own strange take on rap music, well worth seeing. (second album here http://www.amaz...nce&n=5174)

Richard Ashcroft (former frontman for the Verve, I think) plays the Doncaster Dome on the 13th of May. He's not as good as he used to be...

Beautiful South, sort of a borderline with me, I don't really like them that much but they do have some good songs. 24th May, Leeds Uni.

Brian Jonestown Massacre, should be a laugh, again at the Leadmill. If anyone's seen a film called Dig! you'll know this bloke. 25th May.

I've never quite made my mind up about Gomez, but they're playing the Leadmill on the 14th of June. Hmm.

Old school? Def Leppard play the Hallam FM Arena in Sheffield, on the 17th of June. Incredibly old school.

KT Tunstall, who I fully expected to hate, is quite good. Better when she sticks to blues or jazz, her poppy stuff is ok, but she should quit trying to sell records and try making music. Playing the Sheffield City Hall on the 20th of June. ( album here http://www.amaz...nce&n=5174)

Here I go again on my own to see Whitesnake, Shef City Hall on the 29th of June. Perms will be checked at the door.


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