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Britain's Best Comics. | November 22, 2005 at 09:43 PM

Just a tad. No tacky added-on Yank characters, and the film doesn't (and couldn't, to be fair) include a lot of Moore's world. There must be dozens of small touches on each page of the comic (which were left out because they were too small or too British to include in a film), which flesh out the world (the Devil is in the details) and make it more believable.

The film just couldn't do the comic justice, at least not without Moore's help. It's a shame, because lately there's been some good adaptations but this isn't the case with TLOXG, which is disappointing in the face of Spiderman and Sin City (they being pretty complete conversions) but I think the world of TLOXG is a few orders of magnitude more intricate.

If you've not read the comic I imagine you will enjoy the film, but if you've read the comic beforehand, you just walk away thinking "They've left most of it out."

Survivor's Guilt | November 16, 2005 at 06:31 PM

The intro was a never-seen-before feature, I think. Real live footage as opposed to FMV. And the game still shits me up today. Even playing the GameCube REmake I was tense. One of the best scares came in about the first fifteen minutes of play, with the first appearance of the dogs, bursting through the windows of a corridor in a scream of breaking glass.
A friend of mine shrieked when he first played through that bit. He never lived it down.
The big girl.

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