The Last Outpost Forums ( )Weds Notable News Roundup


cyke | December 28, 2005 at 02:21 PM

Remember Y2K? I still can't grasp if it was the biggest scam ever or if we just dodged that bullet. I suspect the former. Well, it's back only now its 2038. Stock up on tinned beans and water now folks.

The next GTA game is rumoured to be set in London.
Not sure why everyone thinks London is some sort of romantic victorian city when really it's just a dirty depressing dingy hole but there you go. I suspect the Olympic committee will come to rue the day they decided to send their precious games our way!

I give it 2 minutes before the porn industry jumps on this and finds a way to use and abuse it.

Whereas this delights and horrifies me in equal measures!

And i look foward to becoming a human LAN. Machines using us as energy sources, bloody hell, someone call Neo !